A Rainy Day in
Cromer” is a
dark, poignant
and emotional
detailing the
failures and
disappointments of one man`s life.
The film runs for an hour.
The film can be purchased or viewed
on YouTube in 5 parts.
A Rainy Day In Cromer
Hi, My name is Brian Langtry. For my sins I am a musician, playwright,
theatre director and producer and more recently a film maker. Some people
may remember me as one of the founders and long term members of
“Giggetty”  a folk band that became the Midlands favourite and went on to
complete 26 years of regular gigging. The Group made 7 albums and
appeared on many national and local TV shows.
Currently I have some 200 songs registered with PRS and I`ve written 6
complete musicals together with accompanying songs and music.
My musical play “ The Eva Cassidy Story” has toured the UK and Europe
continuosly from 2003 until 2011. It begins a new tour in 2014. Similarly, “ The
Billie Holiday Story”, co- written with my good friend, Len Holden toured
extensively through 2007/2009. 
In 2012 I produced and toured “ The Connie Francis Story”. I have also
toured a show detailing the life and music of the American icon, Johnny
I currently have three websites selling both my own plays and those from a
library of 14 authors. I am very involved in my home town and try to play a
constructive part in organising the annual Ashby De La Zouch Arts Festival as
well as putting on small events locally and elsewhere.
colleague Len
Holden, this
tells the story
of the 30
minerswho, out of a total workforce of
2000, , stayed out on strikethroughout
the whole of the 1984 National Miners
Strike. Particularly aposite and
poignant given that this year is the
30th. anniversary of this bitter and life
changing event.
The film runs for 56 minutes and is
available for .purchase or “one off” hire
The Story of the Dirty Thirty
A journey
length of the
River Soar in
from the
source near
Hinkley to the
outflow into the River Trent at
Sawley. Original music, songs,
combine with interviews, cameo
drama and mixes withhistory,
heritage and the culture of the
area. There are gloriuos views and
fascinating facts about this little
now river.
The Song of the Soar
The interest in film making came from putting together videos of self penned songs for placement on “You Tube”
and this quickly gathered momentum and I became obsessed with the idea of film making as a means of telling
the stories I wanted to explore and share. I am particulary interested in the use of film in live performances.
Below you will find a brief synopsis of my latest films, please click on the images to give more detailed
At the foot of the page you will find details of my other web sites and contact information.
Many thanks for browsing and I hope you will find something of interest.
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A Journey Along the Ashby Canal
Brian Langtrys new film is about a journey
along the Ashby canal from the Coventry
Canal to the current base at Snarestone. The
film features music, poetry, interviews
historical commentary and visits to settlements
along the way.
The film is made with Brians customary
attention to detail  and a consumate love of
local history. Brian lives and works in Ashby
and his fascination with the lives of those wh
have lived in the area before him, and those
who still do, shines through.
You can purchase these films for £6, including postage, from :
A Journey Along the Coventry Canal
To purchase any films on this site contact Brian: 0779117474742:
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You can see this film at the following venues:
 6.10.17 Whittington Village Hall
     28.1017  Sheepy Magna Village hall
16.11.17 Polesworth Tithe Barns
11.4.18 Coventry Canal Assoc.
To view Brian langtry`s breadth of work please visit the following websites: 
Go to Brian`s YouTube channel to see latest canal shorts:”Braunstone Marina and The Stoke Bruerne Canal Museum and The Blidworth Tunnel”